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Let's send a message to the climate crisis funders that we won't tolerate their behavior

Taking the Bank.Green pledge is a statement: the banking industry’s unsustainable financing activities are unacceptable and my money will not be a part of it. By pledging to move your money away, you will:

Send a message to your bank that it must defund fossil fuels

Join a fast-growing movement of consumers standing up for their future

Take a critical climate action with profound effects

We believe that tackling the climate crisis demands people power, so we’re building a movement. Together, our combined pressure can change banking. The more names we have behind our pledge, the more likely we’ll succeed in getting banks to divest from fossil fuels. Our pledge includes a reminder function, so you can decide when we next contact you about sustainable banking options.

Currently stuck in a complicated mortgage? Want to talk to your current bank before you move your money? Too young to open a bank account? Just let us know when you want a nudge from Bank.Green.

Bank.Green is a project of Empowerment Works Inc. 501(c)(3)