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Meet the Money Movers

This collection of Bank.Green stories showcases some of those who have reclaimed control of their money by moving it out of fossil fuels. From Ireland to the Netherlands, and new parents to small business owners, we hope these testimonials inspire you.

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Bank Greenwashing: Social Media Edition

For the second in our greenwashing series, we look at the ways in which the world’s biggest fossil fuel banks use Twitter and Instagram to sanitise their activities to consumers. Right this way for slick videos, earnest reports, and many, many solar panels.

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A Major British Bank is Broadcasting our Green Banking Message

The Co-operative Bank is currently running an awareness campaign across British TV, radio, social media, and public locations that asks: “Do you know how your bank invests your money?” We’re frankly relieved that the message is getting out.

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What Happened to the Final Part of the UN’s Big Climate Change Report?

The IPCC published a major report one year ago – and it was major news. But it was only the first of three parts. Part III explains exactly how we reign in climate change, but it was released while the world’s attention was on Ukraine. It’s time to platform Part III again.

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How to De-Fund Putin’s Gas Company

Are you feeling helpless about the war in Ukraine? How is one person supposed to make a difference? Because of the ways in which finance works, you’re not as helpless as you might feel. Here’s how to simultaneously cripple Putin and mitigate climate chaos.

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Introducing the Fossil Free Banking Alliance

We exist to raise awareness of the links between your money and global heating. But once you’re aware, how do you find retail banks that aren’t enabling global heating? There’s never been a certified list of banks that refuse to finance fossil fuels – until now.

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Sustainable Banking Stories That Give Us Hope

Confronting banks that continue to finance a fossil-fuelled future is, quite frankly, distressing. So, we’ve decided to focus on a collection of great banking stories from around the world. If you’re unsure about moving your money to a better bank, here’s your inspiration.

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The Four Steps We Take To Generate Our Bank Ratings

How do we know enough about the activities of banks to be able to build a rating system? Well, it takes a lot of work. To give you an insight into that work, we've broken down the method we use to categorize the financing activities of an ever-growing number of retail banks.

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Bank Greenwashing: Website Edition

Banks are under pressure to take climate action, which is a great opportunity to whack some wholesome messaging on their websites. But what if those same banks are also financing environmental devastation? Welcome to greenwashing.

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A Brief Guide to the Latest IPCC Report on Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently published its latest report. We take a look at what it means and why we must take urgent action now more than ever.

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COP26: Success is the Only Option

If you're familiar with the term COP26, you probably feel like it's been talked about for so long that it must already be over. Well, after a 12-month Covid-19 postponement, COP26 is on the horizon: October 31 to November 12, in Glasgow.

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Line 3: An Unthinkable Pipeline Powered by Our Cash

Banks continue to use our money to enable fossil fuel megaprojects. With Keystone XL blocked by Biden, the Line 3 “Replacement” Project is now a headline battle in North America’s pipeline war. Is your bank financing this quest for unimaginable greenhouse gas emissions?

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A Conquistador, the Climate Crisis, and the Finances of Atrocity

Hernán Cortés, the conquistador who toppled the Aztec Empire, was a man of terrible and unrelenting ambition. Yet his conquests shrank as time went on. Learn about how Cortés’ crimes were brought to a halt, as the crimes of the climate crisis can be too.

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