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Find the Best Green Banks in Your Area

As a climate-conscious consumer or organisation, it's important to understand that where you choose to store your money can have an outsized impact on your carbon footprint. That's because most often, your money is not just sitting idly in your bank account, but it is being used to create loans for projects that can either harm or benefit the planet.

The environmental impact of this can often be far greater than that of other climate actions you might take, so it's critical to prevent this factor from working against your overall efforts to secure a better future for the planet. To help you to align your money with your values, below we are curating a constantly-updated list of financial institutions that are dedicated to offering sustainable banking services. These institutions have all been rated "Great" or "Good" by us (using our updated methodology if you are in the UK). Below the list you can find our FAQ to help guide your choice.

What is the Fossil Free Alliance and how are these sustainable banks and cooperatives rated?

We’re working hard to increase the number of banks we provide data on. If you tell us your bank’s name, we’ll email you as soon as we have a score for it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing a Sustainable Financial Institution

How can I tell if my current bank, credit union or building society is sustainable?

What is eco banking?

What eco-friendly banking options are available to me?

What should I look for when considering a sustainable bank?

What are the most well-known environmental certifications?

What is the difference between an ethical or socially responsible bank and a sustainable or eco bank?

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