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Fossil Free Certification

Financial institutions that are Fossil Free Certified have pledged not to finance new fossil fuel companies or projects, and the majority already do not do so. Fossil Free Certification is the simplest, most straightforward way to signal to customers, professionals in the banking sector, and the general public that a sustainability-conscious financial institution is truly putting its money where its mouth is.

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Benefits of Certification

  • Attract customers and employees: Customers — especially younger ones — are increasingly concerned about climate change and making consumer choices that prioritize sustainability. Likewise, more and more millennial and Gen Z professionals consider a company's social and environmental impact when evaluating job satisfaction or considering new employers. Fossil Free Certification signals an important commitment to sustainability and halting the climate crisis.
  • Access networks: By becoming Fossil Free Certified, you join a community of banking industry leaders similarly dedicated to sustainability. Bank.Green hosts regular events and opportunities to network and engage with other members of our Fossil Free Banking Alliance.
  • Provide public relations benefits: Bank.Green works alongside Fossil Free Certified members to generate publicity around the commitment they've made to stop further financing of fossil fuels.
  • Join a movement: The movement against fossil fuel finance — and for sustainable investments — is growing at a rapid rate, as industries, social movements, and the general public increasingly consider climate-friendly finance a critical subject. Take your place as a leader of this powerful, all-important movement by becoming a certified member of our Fossil Free Banking Alliance.

Steps of Certification

  • CONNECT: During an initial conversation, get to know the Bank.Green team, introduce your bank or credit union's climate and sustainability commitments, and learn more about Fossil Free Certification.
  • SUBMIT: Submit documentation, including:
    • Any public-facing web pages or materials stating your bank or credit union's fossil fuel-free status.
    • Your completed certification application, which includes a section for self-reporting fossil fuel-free status.
  • REVIEW: The Bank.Green team will review your submitted documents.
  • CERTIFY: Hooray! Bank.Green will work with your team to execute the perfect communications plan and make sure we let the world know loudly and enthusiastically about your Fossil Free Certification and commitment to remain fossil fuel-free.

If you believe your bank or credit union may qualify for Fossil Free Certification and would like to discuss becoming Fossil Free Certified, please get in touch with us at hello@bank.green.

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