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Is your money being used to fund climate chaos?

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Why Bank.Green?
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The fight for a habitable planet is the fight for our lives. But while we look at ways to make our lives more sustainable, most of us are also funding environmental catastrophe.

During the five years following the Paris Agreement, the world’s top 60 private-sector banks pumped $3.8 trillion into fossil fuels.

We have the power to change our banking system because it will not change itself. Mass pressure from customers will force our banks to defund fossil fuels.

Bank.Green and our partners are leading a global reckoning with the world’s most powerful driver of environmental destruction. But we need your help.

Take the Bank.Green pledge

Banks live and die on their reputations. Our pledge puts those reputations at grave risk. By pledging to move your money to a sustainable financial institution, you will:

Send a message to your bank that it must defund fossil fuels

Join a fast-growing movement of consumers standing up for their future

Take a critical climate action with profound effects

Take the Pledge
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