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Reveal data-backed insights from sustainability reports faster than ever

Turn complex policies into actionable data with our Green Policy Evaluator

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Save Time

Accelerate your analysis of sustainability reports with our AI chatbot. Quickly gain insights from complex documents, freeing you to focus on impactful strategy and action.

Compare Policies

Get a clear, measurable understanding of sustainability commitments. Make informed decisions by benchmarking policies, enhancing your ability to influence company practices.

Scale Your Research

Broaden your analysis by assessing and rating policies across hundreds or thousands of companies in a fraction of the time, providing a comprehensive view of your chosen sector.

What can you do with the Green Policy Evaluator?

Elevate your advocacy efforts with a transformative approach to policy analysis. By standardising long and messy sustainability reports, our tool enables:

Policy Gap Analysis

Identify and highlight gaps in existing sustainability policies for targeted advocacy.

Strategic Lobbying

Equip campaigners with detailed policy insights to drive effective lobbying efforts.

Stakeholder Empowerment

Provide stakeholders with comparative policy analysis to inform their engagement strategies.

Narrative Building

Convert complex policy data into compelling narratives for public awareness and policy influence.

Leverage The Green Policy Evaluator to revolutionise how company sustainability policies are understood and influenced.

What Sets the Green Policy Evaluator Apart?

Precise Results

The Green Policy Evaluator has been custom-trained to outperform conventional AI chatbots when analysing sustainability reports.

Human Guidance

Combining AI efficiency with human oversight enhances accuracy even further. By reviewing excerpts from source documents, you can always ensure correct results.

Data Protection

Our tool safeguards your data with robust security measures, ensuring ownership and control, with guaranteed access even in the event of service failure.

Discover a faster, more efficient way to gain actionable insights from complex sustainability reports

Accelerate your impact, save time, and make informed decisions effortlessly.

Still have questions? We have answers.

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What types of documents does the Green Policy Evaluator analyse?

Do you support user-level auditing and single sign on?

Is API access possible?

Who is behind the Green Policy Evaluator?

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