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Starling Bank

Our take on Starling Bank

Britain’s “first digital bank” was voted Best Current Account Provider by the British Bank Awards every year between 2018 and 2022. Starling offers a world-class digital experience, current accounts and business banking and loans, as well as physical services via any Post Office. They are committed to net-zero  emissions, engaged in many worthwhile climate initiatives and claim to have a financial portfolio that does not finance fossil fuel industry.

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Key Facts

Type: Bank

Mobile Banking: Yes

Environmental Policy: Yes

Founded: 2014

Serving: Consumers & Organisations

Local Branches: No


Current Accounts: Yes

Savings Accounts: Yes

Credit Cards: No

Mortgages or Loans: No

Business Lending: Yes

ISAs: No


Overdraft Fee: Yes

Account Maintenance Fee: No

Free ATM Network: Yes


• As well as lending to green SMEs, Starling Bank has sponsored or supported many green initiatives, such as Instavolt - an electric vehicle charger network - or “Seat at the Table,” a climate impact documentary.

• Starling Bank is a founding member of TechZero, a climate action group for UK tech companies committed to fighting the climate crisis.

• Starling Bank is aiming to reduce its operational and supply chain emissions by a third by 2030.

• They committed to aligning with the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a global research non-profit organisation who have set short and long-term targets for emissions reductions.

• They are the first UK digital bank to join PCAF, which requires members to calculate emissions from loans and investments in accordance with industry best practice.   

• It is worth noting that despite not financing the fossil fuel industry, Starling did take on fossil fuel-derived funding from the Qatari Investment Authority as part of a £272m investment round in 2021.



• Starling Bank is registered with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, so your money is insured against loss up to £85,000 in total.

• Starling Bank is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

• Biometric ID, fraud notifications, 3D transaction verification and virtual cards all help to keep your transactions secure.



• Starling Bank offers 24/7 customer support for most types of queries via in-app chat and telephone.

• Most online reviews speak very highly of the a professionalism and efficiency of their customer support.

• Both the website and mobile app are designed with accessibility in mind.

• They offer a very comprehensive complaints resolution procedure.

• They offer a Hide references feature which helps survivors of economic abuse to mute abusive payment references.



• Although Starling does not have any physical branches, they allow you to perform a range of typical banking services form any Post Office branch in the UK.

• The Starling app offers a wide range of features to help you manage your money, such as instant payment notifications, “Saving Spaces” to reach your savings goals, the ability to deposit cheques digitally as well as helpful card controls.

• Starling gives you access to a free ATM network in the UK and zero fees on foreign transactions.
• For businesses, the app allows them to manage payments from anywhere as well as as Business Toolkit that allows you to estimate tax or VAT, manage receipts and create invoices.


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