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Unknown Bank

Sorry, we don't know enough about your bank yet.

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have enough information on your bank to know what it’s funding. What we do know however, is that contacting your bank to ask them yourself will send a powerful message – banks will have no choice but to reassess socially irresponsible funding activities if they realize their customers are concerned. To take positive action, keep on scrolling…

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Bank.Green was founded on the belief that banks have had an easy time from their customers for too long. Mass movements will pull us out of the climate crisis – and they’ll pull your bank out, too.

Our mission is to encourage as many people as possible to take a stand - to refuse to let their money fuel environmental destruction any longer. Considering who you bank with, we think you probably agree. This is your chance to spread the word with us.

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Join the Money Movement

We can’t say it better than environmentalist Bill McKibben: “Money is the oxygen on which the fire of global warming burns.” But don’t wait for the fire department to turn up – join us!

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