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NatWest needs to do better!

NatWest continues to finance fossil fuel companies that are driving climate change. It has inadequate policies in place to stop it financing fossil fuel expanders.

Its ratio of funding renewable energy projects vs fossil fuels is very good, and its fossil fuel financing is much smaller than others such as Barclays, but it must do more to end finance to fossil fuel companies not aligned to the 1.5C degree global target.

NatWest has an opportunity to show leadership and we hope to see further improvement.

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Bank.Green believes that mass movements will pull us out of the climate crisis – and they’ll pull your bank out, too.

We were founded on the belief that banks have had an easy time from their customers for too long. Our mission is to encourage as many people as possible to take a stand - to refuse to let their money fuel environmental destruction any longer. Join us in building this movement by pressuring your bank to do better, or by taking your money to somewhere that cares about our planet's future.

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