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Your bank is good.

Monzo keeps the majority of its deposits at central banks and does not lend to fossil fuel companies. Hooray!

However, it refers many of its savings account customers to Shawbrook Bank which we have not been able to rate due to the limited information Shawbrook has disclosed to date.

Moved your money to this bank?

Write a breakup letter to your old bank.

Use our custom template and tell them why you switched to a sustainably conscious bank!

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Bank.Green was founded on the belief that banks have had an easy time from their customers for too long.

Our mission is to encourage as many people as possible to take a stand - to refuse to let their money fuel environmental destruction any longer. Considering who you bank with, we think you probably agree. This is your chance to spread the word with us.

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Break Up with Your Bank: Say No to Funding Climate Change

Let your old bank know you've switching to an institution that aligns with your values and supports a sustainable future.

Combat Climate Change: Switch to a bank that doesn't fund fossil fuels to help combat climate change.

Protect the Environment: Choose a bank that prioritizes clean energy and environmental protection.

Voice Your Concerns: Send a clear message to your old bank that their lending practices matter to you.

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